Think About Buying an SUV

When you are shopping for a vehicle to get you to work and back each day, you should think about buying an SUV. The team here in Las Cruces is excited to show you some of the benefits of driving an SUV.

An SUV can keep you safe in ways that a compact car will not. There are safety features that are built into an SUV that can protect you, and the large size of an SUV can help you stay safe, as well. When you have cargo that you need to take with you, an SUV allows you to…
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The Popularity of These Roadtrip Games

One of the ways to keep all the kids in the car entertained during a long trip in the car is getting them involved with roadtrip games.

To play the License Plate Game, create a list of states on a sheet of paper, and then the kids have to watch for cars passing to identify those states. If a child sees a state, they call it out first so their name is put next to that state. The child with the most states will win this game.

To play Spot the Car, the same rules apply. The list is made…
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Why Should Driver's Consider a Vehicle Alignment Service?

Most drivers do not even consider the vehicle alignment service until they can barely steer the car any longer. These are reasons you'll want to get this service taken care of on a regular basis.

It only takes one pothole for the alignment in the car to become unbalanced. Once the alignment begins to fail, the steering becomes increasingly difficult to keep under control. If the steering is troublesome, then each time you get the vehicle to higher speeds, it becomes difficult to keep it in between the riding lanes.

What is happening to the car tires is even…
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Choosing Between the All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Vehicle Carpet

Although there are benefits to both all-weather floor mats and vehicle carpet, today the team at Pitre Kia of Las Cruces wanted to focus on why each one is ideal for your unique needs.

Drivers should choose the all-weather floor mats when they live in a region where rain and show make for muddy travels. When you simply bring your work home in your vehicle by way of mud, these mats simply need a once-over with a hose to transform the interior as they look new again.

The car carpeting is a better choice for drivers who love to keep…
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Choose Quality Brake Service

Brake servicing is one area a vehicle owner should never neglect. This is because the brake system is the only mechanism to slow and stop your several thousand pound machine. A brake failure can cause an accident or injury.

There are several warning signs that will help you in determining when your brakes need repair. If they make a squealing or screeching sound when stopping, it indicates that the brake pads are worn and need replacement. If the brake fluid level in the reservoir is dropping, a leak is occurring. 

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Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

If the pressure light in your vehicle keeps coming on, it might be time to look closer at the cause. If the outside temperature does drop by only ten degrees, then the air pressure in the car tires could decrease by as much as a pound in every tire. Now add into that mix the fact that air in the tires is already naturally escaping at close to a pound each month, and it is easy to see why the tire pressure indicators are showing a drop in pressure.

If you have an obstruction in the tire you cannot see…

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What is synthetic motor oil?

Does your engine require synthetic motor oil? Even if it doesn’t, knowing what synthetic oil is will help you decide if you should put it in your car when it’s time to change your oil.

Synthetic motor oil is designed from chemical compounds to have specific properties to keep your engine running smoothly. It is created to have a certain viscosity, resist oxidation, and reduce evaporation. It's also designed to flow smoothly at low temperatures and resist breakdown at high temperatures. This is especially important if you drive your car in extreme temperatures conditions.

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Muffler & Exhaust System Service Available

It is time to get a muffler and exhaust system service. Maybe there is a loud rumbling sound coming from the muffler or maybe you hear the converter box jiggling like a bunch of loose change in your pocket. There are no more worries because Pitre Kia of Las Cruces will fix all muffler and exhaust system issues for you.

If you have ever failed an emissions test, then you know a muffler and exhaust system service is necessary for the vehicle to become street legal. These tests are important because the exhaust and muffler system is essential for reducing…
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Your Vehicle Is Able To Stop Thanks To Your Brake Pads

One of the most important systems on your entire vehicle has to be your brake system. This is without a doubt at the top of the list of safety equipment. And because it performs such a heavy-duty function, it is naturally going to suffer from some extreme wear and tear. Parts will eventually have to be replaced, and when that happens, it is very helpful if you have a basic understanding of how the system works.

Your stopping power comes from your brake pads when they make contact with the rotors and squeeze them. This happens when brake fluid is…

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How to Jump-Start Another Car

If you’ve never jump started a car, it’s something you can learn with a little basic knowledge and practice. You’ll soon realize that it’s a straightforward process. One of the first things you should recognize is that each end of the jumper cables has a positive and a negative end. The positive is indicated in red and negative in black. The other thing you should know is that once you start connecting to a battery, you should use care with the clamps that aren’t yet connected. They shouldn’t touch another metal surface.

Begin with…

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