Although the Kia Sedona continues to be a popular minivan, it now has been expanded to offer you tons of new safety and convenience features!

When you have your hands full and need to open your Kia Sedona for loading, you need a Smart Power Liftgate! This will automatically open the back of your Sedona by sensing your key and allow you to automatically open your vehicle touch-free. No more fumbling with your keys to unlock the back door, trying to free a hand to lift the hatch, then move out of the way to swing the door up. The Smart Power Liftgate does this all for you!

The Kia Sedona also offers Anti-Pinch Sliding Doors, for keeping fingers and legs safe from being smashed. Sensors that are built into the power-sliding doors can detect any object in the way prior to the door shutting.

Take the time to stop by Pitre Kia of Las Cruces today and test drive the new Kia Sedona. See how it's new features can make your life easier!



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