As the holiday seasons roll around again, many people find themselves on the roads in order to visit friends and families in faraway places. As drivers like you embark on your journeys, it's important to take concrete steps to keep your person, property, and your vehicle safe. The good news is, travelers and other drivers who follow some simple security steps can reduce the risk of auto theft.

One basic thing that drivers can do is to make sure that they always take their keys with them when they leave their vehicles. In line with this principle, drivers should also avoid leaving their vehicles running when unattended. In the age of keyless entry and remote starting, it can be tempting to leave engines running. However, this gives would-be auto thieves clear openings and should be avoided if possible.

Another important safety habit is to avoid leaving valuables in clear view within vehicles. Car owners should secure small items in glove boxes or other interior receptacles, and larger items should be well-secured in trunk areas.


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