Why You May Want to Buy an SUV

SUVs have become extremely popular vehicles in recent years, and we at Pitre Kia of Las Cruces want you to be an informed buyer when you purchase your next vehicle. SUVs offer so many features and capabilities not found in vehicles. Stop at our shop and check out the many SUVs available today and get the information you need to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy. There are many reasons you may want to buy an SUV.
• You can carry more people, with some offering seating for up to 9 people.
• You’ll get good gas mileage.
• They’re safer on the road than cars.
• They have excellent towing ability.
• They’re great for off-road adventures.
• They’re ideal for transporting pets.
• You can carry more cargo.
• They’re safe in flooding or inclement weather situations.

If you’re still not positive about what to buy, stop at our dealership in Las Cruces and take an SUV out for a test drive.



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