Features Uber and Lyft Drivers Should Look For in a Rideshare Car

If you're thinking of joining the gig economy as a rideshare car driver, there are features that make certain vehicles the best cars for Uber or Lyft Drivers. There are a number of features you should be looking for if you plan on using the car as a rideshare driver.

You want a vehicle that is fuel efficient since as an Uber or Lyft driver you will be covering many more miles than your normal driving habits. You want a car model rated among the most reliable to minimize downtime required for repairs. You will want a car with spacious rear seating and adequate head room so that your passengers are comfortable and feeling in the mood to deliver a five-star rating after using your service.

Among the 2019 models, the Kia Rio and the Kia Optima and Kia Optima Hybrid have high ratings. Come check them out at Pitre Kia of Las Cruces.



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