Why You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil and Filter

You might think because you don’t drive your car very often that you don’t need to change the oil, but this simply isn’t true!

There are both time and mileage recommendations for oil changes and your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you the specifics for your vehicle. Most will recommend that every six months and somewhere between 5,000 and 7,500 miles, you have the oil changed. To keep your car in the best shape, you will want to bring it in for whichever interval (time or mileage) comes first. For most people, this will be the six-month mark.

When you ignore the recommendations of changing your vehicle’s oil, carbon can build up, becoming toxic to your engine. Clean oil, lessens wear, will provide lubrication and reduces friction between parts of your engine.

Extend the life of your car today by bringing it into Pitre Kia of Las Cruces and having the oil and oil filter changed in your vehicle today.



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