Complete Back-to-School Auto Service

Back to school season brings an abrupt change from summer routines. Family life can get very busy with school and social events in addition to work and errands. Back to school season puts many demands on the family vehicles. Some households send a child driving off to college, and that vehicle requires preparation for going back to school.

Las Cruces drivers appreciate the benefits of an organized maintenance plan. Scheduling is a critical element as oil, coolant, and transmission fluids require periodic inspection and changes. Basic maintenance keeps the car engine and moving parts lubricated and protected. The colder seasons require some additional preparation like jumper cables, snow scrapers, shovels, and blankets.

At Pitre Kia of Las Cruces, we provide complete seasonal service for back to school and every season. We diagnose systems, perform inspections, and routine maintenance. We have replacement parts and repairs when needed. Please call for an appointment or drop by today.



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