Make Driving Safe For You and Your Pets

If you have pets, you're likely to take them along with you for car rides. Pets can be fun companions, but they can also make driving difficult. Follow these tips to make driving with a pet easier and safer.

Take care to prevent dogs from accessing windows. Dogs love hanging out of car windows, but it is a dangerous practice. Exposure to high-velocity winds can cause respiratory damage in canines. It is also possible for your dog to be hurt by flying projectiles.

Animals should never be transported in the back of a truck. Pets need to be restrained for their own safety, and that of the driver. Dogs are commonly injured or killed due to falling from truck beds. They are also exposed to the same high-speed air streams experienced when hanging out of the window.

If you are serious about your pet's safety, consider getting a pet-safe vehicle at Pitre Kia of Las Cruces. A pet-friendly car will make it easy to transport your companion through the streets of Las Cruces.



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