How to Jump-Start Another Car

If you’ve never jump started a car, it’s something you can learn with a little basic knowledge and practice. You’ll soon realize that it’s a straightforward process. One of the first things you should recognize is that each end of the jumper cables has a positive and a negative end. The positive is indicated in red and negative in black. The other thing you should know is that once you start connecting to a battery, you should use care with the clamps that aren’t yet connected. They shouldn’t touch another metal surface.

Begin with connecting a positive cable to the terminal on the battery that’s marked with a plus sign. Go on and connect the negative to the terminal with a minus sign. Then repeat the steps with the good battery. Leave the car with the good battery running for a couple of minutes. Rev the engine and try to start the car. It should start within a couple of tries. If it’s taking longer than a few, it’s best to let it rest and have your vehicle serviced.

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